Our popular collection of SOA Helmets, are sure to please. We have the best beanie biker helmets too. These are low profile with NO mushroom head look. Our Motorcycle Customers call these ‘Sons of Anarchy’ helmets. This is because they look like the ones from the hit TV Show. If you are looking for DOT, Skull Cap, Skid Lid, Novelty? Matte or Gloss Black, Carbon Fibre, we have those helmets too!

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Please take a look at our New SOA Novelty Helmet Video. It was a fun production, and can you guess who the rider is? I’ll leave that up to your imagination, but I will say he is popular.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkAWv8KwPls[/embedyt]

Questions and Answers:

What is the best SOA Helmet?

The best SOA helmet is a low profile novelty helmet that does not make it appear that you have a mushroom head. Also it needs to have a moisture wicking liner that will help shed or absorb persperation and sewat. You should look good riding your motorcycle with the beanie style or ‘skid lid’ type of helmet. You should make sure that it looks just like the ones from the TV show.


What Kind of SOA Helmet Did They Wear in the TV Show?

The helmets worn in the Sons of Anarchy TV Show have taken on a life of their own. By saying this, I mean that so many biker helmet sites have created their own version that look nothing like the original helmet. An SOA Helmet is a smokey or sometimes known as an Eagle Half Shell Skid Lid. But even these can have several versions, which differ from site to motorcycle site. When shopping for an SOA Helmet, regardless if it is DOT Certified or a Novelty Brain Bucket, it is best to pull up the show on your phone and freeze a frame showing the exact type of helmet. Then, and only then, can you buy one that is the same SOA Style.