I still remember when our biker friends asked for a custom version of an SOA vest, or what they call Sons of Anarchy style, because they are similar to the ones worn in the TV Show. We came up with a naked leather (premium) vest with deep gun pockets. It is my personal favorite with heavy gauge leather. But it is still soft to the touch. We were able to deliver a comfortable but durable leather club style vest. These vests really protect our rider customers.

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This popular artist rendition of the Sons of Anarchy Show was inspired by our best selling club vest. The vest was used as the model in the image.


Jax Teller SOA Wearing Our Vest CCW150

I remember meeting him on the set of the hit show. I never realized how important this series would end up being.


We have so many options of SOA style vests, and you will find the perfect one for your needs. In order for you to make the best choice, I will give you some key features of the different leather club style vests. Our most popular and best selling vest is our CCW150. Price-wise, it meets in the middle of our lowest price and highest price vests. That is one reason we sell so many. The quality and features of this vest leave nothing to be desired. It is constructed of premium naked cowhide leather. Any biker knows this, naked is the best choice for anyone that rides a motorcycle. Simply put, there is no better material. The hidden zipper and snaps are a nice feature and functionality. And of course, it offers deep gun pockets that any club vest should have. But, as I mentioned, I want you to make the right choice. So next, I will give you some options to think about when you purchase a vest:

  • The CCW150 is our Best Selling Naked Cowhide Vest
  • CCW210 is made of Soft Milled Cowhide Leather. Starts at $110 and up to 12XL
  • Naked Leather Diamond Pattern Shoulders CCW350
  • USA Flag Liner Triple Red Thread Soft Milled Leather CCW280
  • Side Zippers Slash Pocket Gun Pockets Milled CCW595
  • CCW195 Antique Distressed Brown Leather Club Vest

SOA Artwork

This is another rendition of the same image creation, but done by another artist. Again, our best selling vest was used as the model.


Jax Teller Modeling Club Style Vest



Question: What is the best SOA Style Vest I can buy?

Answer:  The best vest is the CCW150 with all the great features of a good club style vest. It has 2 deep gun pockets and hidden snaps. There is a metal heavy duty zipper that is hidden as well. The leather is pleated, which is a nice feature in a motorcycle vest. But there are many types of leather biker vests. The choices I have given you are either Naked Cowhide or Milled Leather. Please click here to see the difference between the twoWe want you to be well informed, so you will be happy with the SOA vest that you decide on. If you have any questions about the features of our different club vests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The fastest way to get our reply is to send us a text. The information is on the Contact Us Page. And we have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. We stand behind all of our motorcycle clothing and apparel.

Question: What is the best Denim SOA Vest?


The best denim for a biker vest is Pure 100% denim material. We do NOT use anything else, like some other dealers sell with textile mesh blended in. All of our Denim SOA vests, as well as all our other denim vests, are made from 100% pure denim.  We have many choices as far as features in the cuts. The Vest below CCW970, is our best selling Denim SOA Style Club Vest. Many Bikers really like the Blue Denim and the contrast of Black Leather. Also, it has hidden snaps and zipper. It offers nice deep interior pockets, as well as slash pockets. This vest has sturdy stitching and the material is heavy gauge. It will last for years.

Club Vest Motorcycle

SOA Vest Styles

There are so many things I have not mentioned, as far as features of our club style motorcycle vests. Most SOA vests have the same basic style.


What should I keep in mind when buying an SOA Vest?

Other things to take into consideration are what kind of collar the vest has. Is it regular or scoop? Is there even a collar at all. You will need to pay attention to the type of stitching the club style vest has. Is it single, double or triple? The more the stitching, the better the quality and durability of the garment. Make sure the gun pockets are deep enough for your needs. Make sure the zipper is metal and not cheap plastic. If you like hidden zippers and snaps, then make sure those are features. Always make sure and buy heavy gauge leather, at least 1.2MM and no less. Heavy cowhide vests are good, but make sure it is soft enough to be comfortable.

Please let us know if we can help you further with selecting the perfect Motorcycle Club Vest. And if you decide to buy from Paradise Biker, we will stand behind our product and make sure you are satisfied!